Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Writing A Creative Resignation Letter

A good resignation letter could preserve your reputation in the future. However not to inhibitory your creativity, you might want to make things different than others. Here some references for writing a creative resignation letter.

Short and simple
Creative Resignation Letter

Getting formal...
Creative Resignation Letter

Creativity and imaginative...
Creative Resignation Letter

Check out the Picasso's way...

World’s Largest Bra

World's Largest Bra
A lingerie gift is a romantic and lovely gift in the Valentines Day but if you’re not sure on what is your girlfriend’s “bra size”, you can get the bra size reference here. The “world’s largest bra” is not a bad choice for a valentine gift because it shows your another side of sense of humor. However, giving this to a “guy” who has been suspecting having a weird habit could make everybody laugh out loud! em20.gif