Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Hello world!

Hello and Welcome to Funnychest.com! em59.gif Feel free to browse through my site to get a stress relief dosage for yourself. Hope my post and workout may bring some relaxation and set you free from the "battlefield"! em21.gif

No matter criticism, comments or suggestion, you’re always welcome to send me one in the About page. Find out on how to make a link to my site or link exchange at Links page and browse all my post and workout at Archives page. Don’t forget to get yourself a real-time update via Email Subscription as well as your favorite RSS reader or bookmaker in the Subscribe page.

Remember, just get relax and logon to FunnyChest! em50.gif

P/s: Since there is some web hosting database problem em49.gif of my previuos installation, I've re-install wordpress and re-post some of my previous post. em19.gif

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